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Machine for dental operation

Hi-Tech Dental Services

Technology means nothing unless it serves a purpose. That's why all of our dental technology is client focused. We aim to make our patients feel more comfortable, to reduce waiting time, and to diagnose and perform complex procedures with absolute precision.
At New Image Dental, you will love our anxiety-free TLC zone – a home theater that shows your favorite TV program or movie while the team goes to work. We find that when patients are having fun and are relaxed they cooperate with the team far better, so much so that it eliminates prepping and waiting time!

Highly Accurate Diagnostic Systems

The DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system we use ensures greater accuracy by fluorescence. This is data with a 90% accuracy level, far greater than what traditional diagnostics can produce.
The CEREC computerized restorative system allows our team to make all-ceramic crowns in just one visit, without the need for conventional impressions. That cuts down on multiple visits!
Machine for dental operation

Advantages of the Sophisticated Technology We Use

  • Reduced X-ray exposure
  • Earlier cavity detection
  • Painless surgery via Nitrous Oxide
  • Laser treatment of gum disease
  • Safe practice and materials, beyond the national standard
  • Satellite TV program

Read More About Our Various Dental Services 

At New Image Dental, we offer a variety of services in the general and cosmetic dentistry field. This could mean simple cavity or root canal procedures or an advanced TMJ bite therapy. We are your one-stop solution for all dental problems, and we pride ourselves on our technologically advanced approach to medicine.
Continuing education in technology and improving techniques will only provide better services to our clients. We make every effort to be the best in the industry, surpassing what most general dentist clinics can handle and investing in state-of-the-art equipment that simplifies the procedure.

Dr. Fitz has been one of the leaders in the development of hi-tech dental procedures. More than 25 years ago, we realized the many benefits of using composite (tooth colored) filling materials and discontinued the use of silver mercury (amalgam) fillings. New Image Dental was one of the first 25 dental practices in the United States to use CERC.

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We have been using digital dental X-rays since 1996. This technology has improved diagnostic features with much less radiation.

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